About us

Millers Piano Gallery Millers Piano Gallery specializes in the rebuilding and restorations of antique pianos and pianolas. We have been rebuilding pianos since 1993. With the advent of digital technology it is now possible to bring your acoustic piano into the digital age. With the QRS Pianomation systems you can now retro fit just about any piano with Pianomation. This will allow your old piano to play the latest music from you iphone or other smart device, including computers, along with the accompaniment of voice or instruments. The modern "pianola". The QRS PNOscan rail is an optical recording rail that does more than just record your sessions. The rails fits below the keys and because it is optical, there is no impact upon the touch or playing of your piano. By fitting the PNOscan to your piano, you can record, use software via your ipad or desktop computer for learning or editing, email performances and more. Millers Piano Gallery can help you with any aspect of allowing you to get the full potential out of your acoustic piano.